Andy Christian Castillo

  • Photographer. Writer. Illustrator.

“Verism” definition:

(ˈvɪər ɪz əm, ˈvɛr-)


Strict representation of truth and reality, 
including the homely and vulgar.
A naturalistic approach, especially in portraiture; 
in which every wrinkle and flaw of the subject, 
is faithfully reproduced. 

Extreme realism.

I selected the word “verism” to describe my creative work because it’s not easily defined. I am a writer. I’m also a photographer, an illustrator, a videographer, an artist. Over the years, I’ve learned that the medium is not as important as the message behind the paint or pixels or words. Emotion is conveyed just as easily through a well crafted paragraph as it is through a well framed photograph as it is through a dramatic painting. 

In this, I seek to portray reality as it is — as ugly and grotesque and beautiful as it can be.