Maybe We Were Meant to Run Away

IMG_1495_FotorBy Andy Christian Castillo

I fear that I am cursed to perpetually wander.

There is, in my soul, a quiet voice that calls from the open road.  No matter how often I suppress this voice, I can never shut it out altogether.

Travel: a temporary cure to a hereditary existence.  I travel, for brief respite from my pain; but, like scratching an itch, the longing becomes stronger after the respite.  There is nothing quite the same, as an open road ahead of the car; there is nothing better than trees rushing by the window; or waking up to a new city.

I am addicted to adventure.

Some of my best memories have been made on the road: like standing before St. Peter’s in Rome; hiking up to a bat cave in Mexico; walking through the streets of Bahrain.  There’s absolutely no comparison, with the freedom that I felt during those moments.  I love feeling the rumble of wheels beneath me–the smell of unknown cuisine sizzling in the open air; the sun rising over a new horizon, and a fresh breeze on my face.

The ordinary repels me like oil repels water.  I am separate from the mundane; and that not by choice.  This nostalgic craving is rooted in my existence.  I cannot escape; because the longing is a part of my soul.

One thought on “Maybe We Were Meant to Run Away

  1. Like Jesus – who had no where to lay his head…perhaps, on some level, we are meant to run….but away ? – maybe not…we are only told to run AWAY from sin, and RUN toward our LORD (in running toward our LORD you can lay down your pain & receive healing and be rid of it)….Jesus wandered – not aimlessly, but with purpose — His purpose? — to make disciples…I think your wandering nature should find you to do likewise — spread the good news wherever you travel…touch lives with His love…and you will have both freedom and blessing Andy! Take the LORD WITH you as you travel the roads….and look in expectation as to how God will put people in your path that need to hear the TRUTH.

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