A Trump shaped gun

By Andy Christian Castillo

Editor’s note: I’m a white male who’s trying to change injustice from where I sit. Take my words with that understanding.

Donald Trump is definitely the most misogynistic, demeaning, racist and self-centered person to ever run for president in recent United States’ history. I am appalled, along with many other people, by recent comments for an audio recording recently released in which Trump can be heard saying he can rape women if he wants to. If course, he sickened me before that too. Trump epitomizes evil, in short.

And, while influential Republicans are now raising opposition, with many prominent figures retracting their endorsement, including Condoleezza Rice and John McCain, it’s too little too late.

America is held hostage by a Trump shaped gun: a vote for anything other than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a vote for Trump.

Let me preface this by saying that I will probably vote for Sec. Clinton, if not for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

That’s because despite secrets and scandals that have haunted her presidential bid, Sec. Clinton provides a significantly better alternative to Trump (in that she isn’t a perverted and uninformed jerk).

To interject, it should be noted that Sec. Clinton provides an alternative weighed down by, as said earlier, skeletons shoved into a small dusty closet, not the least of which is her questionable ‘defeat’ of fellow candidate Bernie Sanders and the way she has lied about everything from racist comments she made to emails, over the years.

Over the past two decades, Sec. Clinton has been inflated, supported and propped-up by the Democratic party, at least in part because her husband Bill ran the White House. It’s easy to see that she’s a member of the elite political class — I mean, she’s the former First Lady — and  represents the power-hungry, politically connected, selfish and dishonest party system that’s sinking the Mayflower and taking working-class Americans’ hopes and dreams with it. She’s tight with big-money, big-name public figures, funded by conglomerate businesses and highly supported by large media outlets.

How much more politically and questionably connected can a politician get?

While some might argue that’s the result of hard-work and pounding-the-pavement, I say it’s influential players seizing an opportunity to buy corrupt political power.

Another huge problem I have with her campaign is that she’s the former First Lady. I had a problem when George Bush became president, following in the footsteps of his father, and I had a problem when Jeb Bush thought he was the rightful heir to the thrown. Sec. Clinton running for president seems a little like small-town politics, where one family holds a lot of power because, well, they just do.

But at least she’s not Trump, right?

That’s the card her campaign is playing to win undecided voters and the show’s big-ticket item: A vote for Sec. Clinton means a vote against Mr. Trump, and therefore for American values, not the least of which include equal rights for women.

Not exactly.

The fight for women’s rights is a lot bigger than one vote in November. Misogyny is rooted in the fabric of American society, and it certainly won’t go away in a year. It’ll remain if Sec. Clinton is elected just like it has been around since as long as humans have existed.

A step further, I pose the idea that if Sec. Clinton is elected as president, in many ways, I think she’ll perpetuate a belief-system of sweeping past history under the rug (same as Trump would) that’s thick as mud in American culture. Again, I’d like to note that these thoughts are based on the actions of her husband. If Melania Trump had a shady past, which she doesn’t — despite attempted smears headed by the New York Daily News — I’d be issuing a word of caution too.

To address the recent comments I hinted at earlier, and the steps Trump has taken to sweep his so called “locker room banter” and history of sexual perversion against women under the rug, I say that it’s a crime against all women. More than that, it’s a byproduct of a problem that’s a lot deeper than surface comments or casual banter. Dismissing the past, like Trump is doing and has repeatedly done since his campaign began, reveals a pervasive sexist force that throttles western culture in a vice grip, influencing every facet of life, reaching every corner of interaction and squeezing even self-labeled women’s advocate Sec. Clinton herself.

Most left-wing thought I’ve encountered (rightly-so) seeks to value the opinions of women who claim they’re victims of sexual crimes.

That’s because, as studies have proven, disregarding or brushing off accusations of sexual violence by women is a huge part of why America’s widely-labeled ‘rape culture’ continues to persist today — even though there’s definitely been a cultural shift in how women are viewed in the past decade or so. Further, and according to a Washington Post article, only a very small percentage of women falsely bring forward rape accusations. If investigations of reports were poorly based on those figures, which they’re not, Juanita’s accusation should definitely be heard throughout the United States.

Dismissing accusations of rape is a striking example of the devaluation of women, which is sexism. Because both former President Clinton and Trump are powerful, male white men, they’re above the law and can get away with rape. We see people like them as political heroes who don’t fit the pure image we project onto them, and so we simply dismiss it all and attribute it to a momentary lapse in judgement.

In light of that, I ask why the American public hasn’t at least heard what Juanita has to say in a public forum presented by a left-wing news source?

Yes, I’m aware that Sec. Clinton isn’t the same person as her husband. That being said, because they’re married it’s a package deal.

She shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions; however, the fact that former President Clinton is widely visible in her campaign speaks volumes about the values that might be perpetuated under a Sec. Clinton presidency.

Listen, I’m not coming out in support of the Republican-backed anti-Clinton campaign, but I am saying that sexism doesn’t play party favorites. I am saying that, while a lot more subtle than Mr. Trump’s blatant sexism, the Clinton legacy is marred at best, and doesn’t represent forward progress in regards to equality.

Cover-ups will continue and so will the status quo.

What’s possibly most upsetting is that the only discussions I’ve read about former President Clinton’s sexual past are people that will probably vote for Mr. Trump. The rest of mainstream media outlets are silent for whatever reason.

Sexual past has become leverage for both sides. In response to Mr. Trump’s actions, he’s pointed a finger at former President Clinton’s actions as being worse.

That is terrible. All sexism is wrong.

Thus, a vote for Sec. Clinton, while better than a vote for Mr. Trump, isn’t helping in the race for women’s equality. Instead, and if accusations are true, it’ll be the same old rug-sweeping for another however many years.

That being said, maybe Sec. Clinton will move forward in regards to equality, and maybe things will get better; however, if accusations are true, that doesn’t provide justice for the women who may have been abused and raped by former President Clinton.

And if accusations are true, a rapist will head back to the White House for the second time. That’s terrifying, and awful. But still better than the alternative, Mr. Trump — how upsetting is that?

All I’ve gotta say about all this is I miss Bernie Sanders, the superhero America didn’t deserve but had an opportunity to elect.

Andy Christian CastilloAndy Christian Castillo is the Founder of Ver・ism(s).  He is a military veteran and student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he studied English. Now, he’s pursuing a graduate degree in creative non fiction from Bay Path University.  In his free time, he plays music, writes poetry, gallivants around the world, climbs mountains and runs through the pouring rain.


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