Cooking with lemons

By ANDY CASTILLO There was a time, perhaps five years ago, when I thought a delicious homemade meal consisted of microwaveable rice, overcooked fish and a bag of steamed vegetables. As a youngster, staple meals were things like peanut butter sandwiches and oatmeal. Food was fuel. I attribute my evolution from Kraft mac and cheese […]

Eight Best Photographs of 2018

In this photograph (above) illustrating an article of mine published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette in October, Alia Starkweather, then 82, was leaving her clapboard cottage in Belchertown to embark on a new and exciting life on the road. She purchased a 1987 Toyota Minicruiser and set out on her own after Thanksgiving. I met Starkweather while writing […]

A North Star

It’s becoming a common occurrence, these mass shootings which flood the news, destroy the lives of people and create national terror and anxiety.  It’s the same old thing every week.  We’re used to it, not surprised, numb.     Tonight, the world weighs heavy on my heart.   I could talk about the sadness of […]

We Cannot Let Fear Rule Us

In World War II, boatloads of Jewish refugees were turned around because of the inconvenience and fear they brought with them. Native Americans were thrown out of their homes because they stood in the way of freedom. Men and women were shackled and driven to the fields in pursuit of happiness. Do you see the trend? America offers freedom only when it’s convenient.