Young Bernie Sanders

University of Chicago, 1962: Civil turbulence swept through the campus hot on the heels of the national black rights movement; students protested the segregation of dormitories—driven by staunch idealism—the forefront of student-led protests around the country.

The University’s discrimination spurned public outrage which culminated in a 15-day protest outside of a campus administration building. Among the protesters, soon-to-be-president of Congress of Racial Equality (the protest organizer), a pissed-off 19 year old Bernie Sanders:


Why Bernie Sanders Will Win

Bernie on the other hand, has taken the Democratic Presidential race by storm. He has come out of nowhere to fill arenas and raise the biggest crowd-sourced campaign ever, from the ground up. He has created a revolution, and united people around his ideas. It’s possible to defeat a person, but it’s impossible to overcome an ideology.