I am a Byproduct

Dad would pull the pallet onto the work floor with a hand jack and slap down another in its place. The scent of that building has lingered with me after all these years: a mixture of stale ink and dust. It was so dry I’d have to run to the bubbler every half-hour or so for a disposable cup of water.


Balancing Point: Juggling the Chaos of Life

“I struggle with balance. No, I don’t mean the keeping-myself-upright kind of balance (although I will be the first to admit that I can be a bit clumsy sometimes), I mean in a less literal sort of way – I mean trying to juggle spiritual life, school, relationships, actual work, family, freelance work, and fitness.”

Learning to balance responsibilities, relationships & fitness is difficult: humility is the key to a happy and a successful walk over the tightrope.

Vanity: Everything is Meaningless

“All flesh is mortal; there is birth and there is death- no one can slow down or speed up the inevitable process. We are perishable creatures; destined for destruction. Existence never stops: “Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever” (Ecclesiastes 1:4). The groundskeeper will trim the hedges over your lifeless form, and no one else will care after a while; because all flesh is linear and has an unavoidable end. Death is the natural process of mortality. Everything has an end and a season.”

The world is like the song: “Dust in the wind;” nothing matters, except for God.